A Two First Names Review

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Knight Life
Published in paperback by Ace Books (June 24, 2003)
Author:Peter David
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One Knight Only
Published in paperback by Ace Books (June 2004)
Author:Peter David
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Funny Modern Reprise of Aurthurian Legends

Aurthur returns, but as a politician in New York City in the first book, as President in the second. Aurthur's fellow cast includes all those someone who is familiar with legend would expect.

This story is meant to be a comedy and delivers on that level. The writing is witty without becoming unbelievable. Aurthur's political policies are unworkable and Mr. David's view of modern NY is charitable, at best.

However, the plot is fun and the situations and contrasts that develop provide ample opportunity for the author to invoke his version of the truth via humerous illustration. His philosophies about life are especially evident in the plot of the second book.

If you're looking for a light comedy as a quick read or are heavily into the Camelot legend, I would recommend these books. - Thomas Sewell