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A book comparison collection by readers and grouped by subject. Includes novel, textbook, literature and other reviews.
We show up to one thousand book reviews, with the book with the highest average reader book review score for each subject displayed first. Some topics don't have a book review set that fills out the thousand books, in which case we display what we have in order of review score.
We've tried to make finding related and relevant topics easy by using a hierarchal organization of book reviews.
The starting point for our original categorization scheme was based on a snapshot of the much appreciated hard work of the classification editors at the Open Directory Project. They are in no way responsible for the content.
We are grateful to those readers who supplied the actual book review for each book. These reviews are copywrite Amazon and we aren't currently allowed to display the names of the review authors for privacy reasons.

We've extensively customized the category scheme and are constantly refreshing it and the category contents. We've also completed a subsection organized strictly by author last name,, as well as a site devoted to what users of Books Under Review have searched for, Book Thoughts.

Thank you for your support,

Thomas Sewell

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